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Adding karaoke to your weekly entertainment schedule is a great way to entertain your customers and keep them in your venue longer!

Totally Twisted Karaoke™ has the best selection of karaoke in DFW. We update our song selections each and every month with the newest karaoke releases so we always have the songs your customers want to sing!

No other karaoke company in DFW can compete with our diverse and up-to-date song selections. We make every effort to have all the newest songs that people really WANT to sing! We also take special requests from singers and make every attempt to add those songs to our library if they are available for purchase.

You can search our song database online and even on your phone!

There is a difference in karaoke service providers.
Experience the BEST karaoke in DFW with Totally Twisted Karaoke™


NOW its a party!
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What Song Books???? At Totally Twisted Karaoke™, our singers can search our complete song library from a convenient and easy-to-use Kiosk. Printed songbooks and songslips are a thing of the PAST! Singers search the database, pick out a song, change the key, type in their name, and they are in the singing rotation! Singers can also search our database from their smartphones and submit songs to the KJ from the comfort of their table or barstool!

We also promote our weekly karaoke shows heavily on Facebook, Twitter,, and the Dallas Karaoke Meetup Group.

We can provide you with custom posters for you to display at your location to promote your weekly karaoke show.

We feature a scrolling promotional banner that we can display on a TV in your location to promote your venue's food/drink specials and upcoming events during the karaoke show. We can also play music videos, comedy videos and line dances on your TV to pump up the crowd. Singers can see their names in the order they are singing in-between promo ads for YOUR venue!

We work WITH you to get people into your venue and keep them entertained all night.

A One-time private party with TTK is $400 for 1-3 hours
Bars/Clubs/Restaurants who book us for a recurring weekly performance receive a discount!
3 Hours of Karaoke for $200
4 Hours of Karaoke for $250
($50 Additional charge applies for outdoor venues and/or $50 for venues where equipment must be manually loaded up/down stairs)


Give us a call to discuss adding a weekly karaoke show to your venue's entertainment.
Let us entertain your guests, and keep them partying all night!


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